Therapeutic targets and drug development



Currently, lack of effective and definitive for many diseases of high incidence in the population treatments, such as cancer and auto-immune, neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, psychiatric, metabolic or disease and also for emerging or multi-resistant infections antibiotic or toxin poisoning animals in many parts of the world. The development of new drugs for such diseases and its translation to the clinic is a lengthy process that previously involved the identification of therapeutic targets, the development of active compounds with biological activity related to such targets, and the development and optimization drug in various preclinical phases.

Such a strategy is also applicable to biological processes of great socio-health impact, as is aging, or that are involved in modern therapies, such as gene therapy or regenerative medicine. The complexity of biological processes necessary also validate the potential molecular targets in vitro and in vivo models to demonstrate that they are indeed involved in the onset and / or progression of a disease. Validating targets also often provides experimental models in different organisms for assessing the activity of drugs in preclinical and developed concept tests.

The MCI VLC / DIANA aims to bring together strategies for action in the field of identification and validation of new targets on which to act therapeutically in developments that cover from basic research to preclinical phase.

  • Coordinator: Isabel Fariñas Gómez (UV)
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