Studies on company law and information and communications technology



The microcluster “Law and Business Studies on information and communications technology (Law and business you study on IGN” deals with one of the most innovative in the field of communication aspects, and that more scientific and social interest are in today.

This Microcluster builds on two groups of recognized prestige in the field:

The Aranzadi Group Law and New Technologies. which publishes in Spain the most prestigious journal in this field as quality official rates (over 25 issues), under the sponsorship of the National Association of Registrars, and has had several national research projects, actively working with various public institutions and private. And ICT Law Network, which is an interdisciplinary network. in the sense that includes specialists from all branches of law dealing with the subject.

On the basis of these groups several researchers at the Polytechnic University bind with a nuclear participation of specialists of the Department of organization and companies.

The Microcluster also integrates the team of lawyers from the Department of Modernization of GVA and has the participation of Light MarUnez, Professor of Civil and Group Publisher of Trento, which is developing the European Code of Contracts and will hold its next meeting in Valencia in April, dealing, among others, the issue of e-procurement. In short, there are many strengths of this Microcluster, as the legal, economic and social interest of the matter, the prestige of the groups that compose it and who have extensive experience in the research proposals, as follows from its publications and research, the invaluable support of the Directorate General for Modernization or the possibility of joining one of the most prestigious groups of lawyers within the Community, leading a matter which justifies and which is the backbone of the future European Contract Code is Trento developed by that group.

  • Coordinator: Javier Plaza Penades (UV)
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