Pathophysiology of rare diseases



Rare diseases affect about 3 million Spaniards and about 300,000 people of Valencia, thus constituting a public health problem of the first magnitude. The MCI Pathophysiology of rare diseases “MCI-FER” arises within the VLC / Campus as a cooperative research initiative of excellence involved in the pathophysiology, molecular and structural study of various rare diseases. For this, the MCI is structured in 4 lines of research on which the 11 research platforms belonging to VLC / Campus (IBV-CSIC, UV and UPV), along with other consortium platforms IPPC and the Hospital La Fe will to work.

Research lines MCI-FER are:

a) Mitochondrial Dynamics

b) Structural basis of rare diseases.

c) intracellular proteolysis and rare diseases.

d) Experimental models of rare diseases

  • Coordinator: Dr. Federico Vicente Pallardó Calatayud (UV)
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