Innovation for a Sustainable and Quality Viticulture



The microcluster “Innovation for Sustainable Viticulture and Quality” (IViSoCa) focuses on three areas of expertise of the Joint Research Platforms VLC / CAMPUS: health, sustainability and communication. It is proposed with the aim of integrating research efforts, transfer and service of researchers from the University of Valencia (UV), Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and the Institute of Agricultural Chemistry and Food Technology (IATA-CSIC), as well as other bodies such as the Valencian Institute of Agrarian Research (IVIA) and the Technological Institute of Viticulture and Enology (ITVE).

It is structured around three axes: “Earth to the Grape”, “Grape to Bottle” and “Bottle to Cup”, which correspond to the three traditional sections that contribute to quality and commercial success of wines and to integrate all the components and processes eligible for contributions from research and development: soil science, viticulture, oenology, microbiology, biotechnology, commercialization and marketing. This integration allows to offer a variety of tools that serve to meet new challenges to companies from different sectors, from tanks to the wineries and ancillary businesses, which by its structure, size and tradition have greatly limited their chances of having an own R & D . The MCI IViSoCa can provide solutions from a multidisciplinary approach to this need for R & D, transfer and services. As the name suggests, MCI proposes IViSoCa innovation provided by the multidisciplinary and inclusive research, projecting the ancient wine culture, deeply rooted in our society, to the development of economically sustainable modern industry with the environment and the people who create ever safer and higher quality products attractively presented to all stakeholders, from producers to the researchers themselves and with particular attention to the consumer must be recipient of such innovation and instrumental in their recovery.

  • Coordinator: Dr. Sergi Ferrer Soler.
  • Info: ivisoca @ vlc-campus