Gender, social sustainability and ICT



The ‘Institute of Woman’s Studies microcluster Research leads the “Gender, Social Sustainability and ICT” has been selected by the Commissioner of Scientific improvement VLC / CAMPUS under the call for the creation of research microclusters ( MCI) May 2011.

An initiative to promote research synergy to generate new and innovative projects. The MCI will enable researchers to VLC / CAMPUS-University of Valencia, Polytechnic University of Valencia and CSIC-grouped strategically in research projects in order to strengthen its international leadership.

This is the first of its kind that starts in the entire Spanish university campus within the Programme Campus of internationall excellence.

Of the 63 proposals submitted, 50 have been selected as microclusters, working as strategic research clusters, optimizing resources, enriching the content of their work and enhance its international leadership to enhance the three pillars of VLC / CAMPUS: health, communication and sustainability.

The Research Microcluster “Gender, Social Sustainability and ICT” (GESOSTIC), coordinated by Isabel Pla Julian, Institute of woman´s studies, consists of four research organizations.

  • Institute of woman’s studies (Barbera Esther Heredia. UV).
  • Institute of Automation and Industrial Informatics (Pedro Albertos Pérez. UPV),
  • Institute of Applied Modern Languages (Rosa Moreno Giménez. UV)
  • Department of Engineering Projects (Monterde Rafael Diaz. UPV).
  • The main strategic lines of the MIC are: Stewardship, Gender and Social Sustainability, Modeling and Control of Social Systems, Evaluation and Gender from a Systemic Perspective, Sustainable Communication through ICT.

    From the de-construction of indicators, the development of practical tools and applications, conducting experimental groups significant and consistent monitoring will be induced for research into the causes of global inequality and the relationship between gender, social sustainability and ICT. All this with two objectives: to sensitize the society and serve both business organizations and the general government level to advance gender equality.

    • Coordinator: Dra Isabel Pla Julián (UV)
    • Info:

    The ultimate goal is to deepen the different dimensions of social sustainability model desirable to advance a model of production and sustainable living from a gender perspective in their relationship with the IS and ICT.