Design, manufacture and trade of sustainable products



This research focuses microcluster sustainability of industrial products from a holistic point of view, considering the different physical phases of product life.

It starts even before the conception of the product, considering the mechanisms of innovation and how they impact on the final product and design processes to develop new products more sustainable. In both cases, the aim is to apply this approach to life cycle on the final product to be developed, through mechanisms such as life-cycle assessment. In this process of development of cleaner production mechanisms include both how they influence the sustainability of the product and its technical feasibility.

Once created, the product also includes assessing the sustainability of the processes of distribution and marketing, as well as the perception that prospective buyers – and later users – may have on that product. In particular, the value perceived by the user by the fact that the product has a lower environmental or social impact is relevant to all previous phases and thus may indicate new marketing strategies and development.

  • Coordinator: Dr. Salvador Capuz Rizo (UPV)
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