Quality, food safety and functionality



This microcluster groups the research resource (human and infrastructure) in food of the three institutions of VLC/CAMPUS, located in the departments i Preventive Medicine Public Health, L’Alimentació Sciences of Toxicology i Legal Medicine, Analytical Chemistry and Microbiology i Ecology of the University of Valencia, Department of Food Technology, the University Insitituto Food Engineering, Center for Advanced Food Microbiology and the Institute of Animal Science and Technology of the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the Institute of Agricultural Chemistry and Technology Food CSIC. Also it involved one of the aggregates of VLC / CAMPUS: the Research Foundation of the University and Polytechnic La Fe Hospital.

This aggregation of resources is a key to promoting relations and collaboration of researchers element, resource optimization and identification of strategic research projects, which combine the technological aspects of the production processes with higher quality food, safety and functionality . In MCI there are experts in processes, nutrition, microbiology and specific methodologies of each of these areas, whose collaboration will address collaborative projects where joint consideration of all critical aspects of the current Food Technology will be: production methods involving improved safety and quality of food and where it is properly assessed and verified through analysis of the functionality of food compounds, as well as the implications of functional compounds on health.

  • Coordinator: Lorenzo Zacarías García (UPV)
  • Info: csf@vlc-campus.com