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VLC/CAMPUS, in line with its outlook, proposes transforming the campus in a public area in which university life is promoted, citizen participation and the social dimension of further education, as the basis for establishing a focal point of creativity, innovation and tolerance. This entails a new outlook on the ecological enclaves of this knowledge centre, an outlook that leads us to see them not only as functional areas (for teaching and research), but also as vital areas, attached to the city, in a way that if they are attractive for the people who learn, work, teach and research there, they will also be so for the inhabitants of the city.

PROJECT / Programme to promote research and innovation activities in cooperation with the Health Research Foundations of the Campus of International Excellence

PROGRAMME / Creación de recursos conjuntos para la investigación y la innovación

AREA / Research

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PROJECT / AENOR Certificate of universal accessibility

PROGRAMME / Sustainable Campus

AREA / Campus

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PROJECT / Summer Scientific Campus

PROGRAMME / Valorización y Divulgación Científica

AREA / Research

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The research microcluster from VLC/CAMPUS, awarded for a genic therapy treatment in a rare disease

The University Hospital La Fe of Valencia has been acknowledged with the ALTA International Prize due to its work in the treatment of a rare disease through gene therapy. In this research ... [+]

Post Date: 18/10/2017

The EIA invites the participants of the 2016 CSC to its first meeting in Cascais

The European Innovation Academy inaugurates BootCamp for the first time in the Portuguese town of Cascais, near Lisbon. In this meeting, participants can enjoy some days on innovation and entrepreneurship in a ... [+]

Post Date: 25/07/2017

The students of the Universitat de València, are already in the Berkeley StartUP BootCamp of the European Innovation Academy

The winners of the California Spain-Campus of the Universitat de València are already in Turin, in the summer campus of innovation and creativity of the European Innovation Academy. During the first day, ... [+]

Post Date: 12/07/2017

VLC / CAMPUS hosts the VII Summer Scientific Campus

One hundred and twenty young university students will participate this July in the 7th Summer Scientific Campus, organized by the International Campus ofExcellence "VLC/CAMPUS. Valencia, International Campus of Excellence ", along ... [+]

Post Date: 03/07/2017

Six students from the Universitat de València selected to participate in the international campus “Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Europe: a Berkeley Startup Bootcamp

On July 26, 2016, the Universitat de València signed a collaboration agreement with the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SCET) of the School of Engineering of the University of California at Berkeley. ... [+]

Post Date: 30/05/2017

(Español) Entrega de diplomas a las cuatro empresas valencianas premiadas por el programa VLC/STARTUP 2016


Sorry, this entry is only available in Valencià and Español.


Post Date: 06/02/2017

The UV selects students to participate in the international summer camp “Entrepeneurship and Innovation in Europe: A Berkeley Startup Bootcamp”.

Within this initiative, the Office of the Vice-Principal for Undergraduate Studies and Language Policy and Vice-Principal for Internationalization and Cooperation of the Universitat de València calls and organises a contest to select six ... [+]

Post Date: 10/01/2017

Four Valencian companies awarded with the START-UP 2016 by the VLC/CAMPUS program


The resolution has been published with the four Valencian companies awarded in the program START-UP 2016 for companies with scientific-technological base.

The Vice chancellor for internationalization and cooperation of the UV called for ... [+]

Post Date: 07/01/2017

The origin of life told by the Nobel Prize Jack Szostak

On 18 November, at 12:00AM, the professor and researcher at Harvard University Jack Szostak will give the lecture "The origin of cellular life" in the Darwin Hall of the University of Valencia ... [+]

Post Date: 09/11/2016

Universitat de València and CSIC launches VLC/STARTUP to promote scientific and technological enterprises.


- The complete name of the programme is “VLC/STARTUP 2016 | Desarrolla tu empresa con la UV y el CSIC” (VLC/STARTUP 2016 | Carry out your business with the UV and the ... [+]

Post Date: 19/10/2016