Alaian Gras, protagonist of a VLC/CAMPUS International Excellence Meeting on Sustainability


The Micro cluster on Cultural and Social Research of the Digital Area organises with the collaboration of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the UV and the project POSTCARBON, the VLC/CAMPUS International Excellence Meeting on Sustainability will be attended by the prestigious doctor in Sociology Doctor Alain Gras.

The Micro cluster Culture and Society of the Digital Era of VLC/CAMPUS tackles such diverse issues as humanities and arts or informatics and applied physics. But on this occasion, the micro cluster organises a meeting with has an anthropologic and sociologic purpose, which will be attended by Alain Gras, doctor in Humanities by the University of Paris and Doctor in Sociology and Politic Sciences by the Sorbonne University of Paris. Among Alain Gras’s studies his socio anthropologic vision of the technique must be highlighted, contrary to the technological determinism, and his defence of it as a cultural and human creation. Gras explains this statement taking the steam engine as an example, on the claim that was society, facing several possibilities in his reach, which decided to use this engine and not, as is usually thought, that this technology created the bourgeois society. Among other merits, Alan Gras was the founder of the Centre for the Study of the Techniques, Knowledge and Practices (CETCOPRA) and co-founder of the journal Entropia.

The meeting will begin with a workshop on social and human sciences entitled “¿Qué significa hacer sociología y antropología hoy?” (What does it mean doing sociology and anthropology nowadays?) And under the title “La transition énergétique: un problème anthropologique” (The energetic transition: an anthropologic problem), Alain Gras will give a lecture next 6 October, at 11:30 a.m., at the Assembly Hall of the library Gregori Maians of the Campus Tarongers.

This meeting has been carried out in collaboration with CETCOPRA, whose cooperation has given place to different joint research projects at the UV, among others, the one dedicated to the transitions to the post-carbon society and to foster a kind of Mediterranean network in environmental and social questions.

The Full University Professor in Sociology and the Full University Professor in Philology Joan Oleza, introduce to Alain Gras in this video

The International Excellence Meetings are an initiative of the Campus of International Excellence Programme VLC/CAMPUS and completed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. The aim of these annual programmes is fostering talent through lectures, meeting and dialogues of Novel Prize winners and excellent scientists in the fields of specialization of the CEI VLC/CAMPUS.