VLC/CAMPUS make up the shared innovation platforms, which are focused on health, sustainability and communication areas

Universitat de València, Universitat Politècnica de València and the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) make up the three new shared innovation platforms of VLC/CAMPUS, which are focused on health, sustainability and communication areas. These three platforms, promoted by VLC/CAMPUS, have the goal of guiding research activities and stimulating the transfer and collaboration between research groups and companies.

The platforms gather both microclusters and the most relevant socio-economic agents on each specialization areas. With their creation, there is available a new effective coordination mechanism between the main generators and users of knowledge and technology, including the administration, universities and companies.

These new platforms will provide both the Valencian and the Spanish society and scientific systems with a closer relationship between technology-based companies and the public system of research and development, thus stimulation knowledge transfer. The platforms will become a provider of scientific equipment, which will be available in the metropolitan area of Valencia. That will make the sharing of scientific resources and technical staff easier.