VLC/CAMPUS collaborates in the VLC_Bioclínic program presented by the University of Valencia and the Health Research Institute INCLIVA


The Universitat de València and the Research Foundation of the Hospital Clínic Universitari de València – INCLIVA Institute for Health Research are of great importance in their local environment for the scientific and technology transfer activity in the area of health. They have agreed to mobilize resources to start implementing initiatives of excellence that would sustain and increase their strong involvement in the productive and care environment.
The Universitat de València, in the framework of strategy initiatives for scientific improvement of the VLC/CAMPUS International Campus of Excellence, funded by the Ministry of Education and Science, aims to promote concrete partnerships with the hospital research foundations strongly related to the VLC/CAMPUS field of expertise in health to establish coordinated research activities involving innovative collaborative projects.
Meanwhile, the Research Foundation of the Hospital Clínic Universitari de València – INCLIVA Institute for Health Research mainly aims to encourage, promote, favour and implement teaching, scientific and technical research within the Hospital and its health departments and in the affiliated research groups belonging to the Faculty of Medicine of the Universitat de València and the IVI University Institute.
Both entities, aware that the process of innovation and technology transfer require multidisciplinary collaboration between professionals from different fields, have implemented the VLC_Bioclínic Programme which aims to promote multidisciplinary translational research between researchers and professionals from both institutions.
One of the measures envisaged in the VLC_Bioclínic Programme is the development of innovative collaborative projects between staff from the UV and INCLIVA. The announcement of the call is scheduled for December 2014.

In order to present this new VLC_Bioclínic Programme and provide details of both actions and information on the terms, application proceedings and assessment, we invite you to the VLC-Bioclínic presentation, which will be held on Tuesday 4 November at 10:00 in the Assembly Hall of the School of Engineering (ETSE) in Burjassot Campus and will be attended by the Vice-Principal for Research and Science Policy of the UV, Dra Pilar Campins, and the Scientific Director of INCLIVA, Dr Josep Redón.

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