Introduction Microcluster “Gender, Social Sustainability and ICT” (GESOSTIC)


The main lines of research GESOTIC focus on ICT contribution to social sustainability from a gender perspective.

The sustainability of the production model and life requires research both in the re-conceptualization as instrumental in developing a holistic concept of sustainability. The contributions of women’s studies and gender are a pillar of social sustainability in key aspects related to the quality of life and which relate to the assessment of the situation of women and men in global labor markets, rethinking the work-life balance of women and men, the concept of responsibility from three dimensions (markets, states, households) or ethics of care, among others. This vision will be addressed through this Microcluster, which have joined several research groups in the UV and UPV.

Following the presentation, a panel will start Experiences on “Policies and Indicators for Sustainable Social Gender” by Ms. Lina Galvez Munoz. Professor of Economic History and Institutions and Mónica Serrano Domínguez. Professor of Quantitative Methods for Economics and Business Administration, both from the University Pablo de Olavide of Seville. We finish the event with the conference “Gender diversity, innovation and social sustainability” by Ms. Cecilia Brown Collado. Professor, Department of Applied Economics V of the University Complutense of Madrid.