Meeting of excellence VLC/Campus “Dark Matter Search”


Meeting of excellence VLC / Campus “Dark Matter Search” by Juan I. Collar

The microcluster “From the forefront of Particle Physics, Nuclear and Astroparticle to transfer in Distributed Computing, Image and Accelerators in Medicine and Marine Technologies (PANTICAM)” organizes the Meeting of excellence VLC/Campus “Dark Matter Search” with Professor Juan I. Collar (University of Chicago) December 10th , Conference Room Campus UPV Gandia

Conference: ” Dark Matter Search “

Researchers from VLC/Campus, will present and discus the latest developments in the field of Dark Matter Search with Juan I. Collar and other prestigious researchers . Also, collaborative activities , present and future in this area will be discussed.

Speakers: J. Collar ( U. Chicago ), M. Sarsa ( Zaragoza U. ), D. Cerdeño ( U.A. Madrid) , J. J. Hernández -Rey ( IFIC ), R. Lineros (IFIC ), J. Valle ( IFIC) , J. D. Zornoza (IFIC ), M. Ardid (UPV )

For almost 80 years we know that most of our universe consists of a type of matter that neither emits nor absorbs light . The so called ” dark matter.” Many observations have confirmed their existence based on the gravitational force exerted on the luminous bodies (stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies … ) , yet still do not know exactly the composition of this mysterious substance . In the last thirty years our interest has focused on new types of fundamental particles that could perhaps interact with the “conventional ” stuff occasionally , not too often , or had already obtained evidence of their presence . Numerous research teams around the world seek these particles with highly sophisticated experiments, most of them made in the depths of the earth, in mines or tunnels. Chat about the difficulties these researchers face , and the proximity (perhaps with a good dose of optimism ) of his discovery.

At 19:00 in the Conference Room of the Gandia Campus (UPV)

Informative talk, “The Hunt for Dark Matter”, by Juan I. Collar (University of Chicago) directed towards the general public

 Do you know the composition of the Universe? Do you know that most of the matter is dark (not detectable ) and with very different properties to ordinary matter ? Do you know that after the discovery of the Higgs boson at the LHC, the new challenge is to discover the constituent particles of dark matter ? How do scientists try to discover it ? Will the dark matter be discovered in the next few years or after decades trying to discover it is simply a misunderstanding of the Universe by scientists? If you ‘re curious about these questions we encourage you to attend the informative talk ” The Hunt for Dark Matter ” given by Professor John I. Collar of the University of Chicago on December 10 at 19:00 in the Conference Room of the Campus de Gandia UPV . This researcher is undoubtedly one of the world ‘s leading scientists in the search for Dark Matter , directed several of the most important experiments in direct Dark Matter search .

11 of Decembre  2013 at 12:30, in the Assembly Hall of Parc Científic (UVEG).

Colloquium: “The Search For Dark Matter”, Juan I. Collar (Chicago University)

Abstract: I will review recent developments and experimental techniques used to search for direct dark matter interactions in highly-specialized particle detectors. We will pay particular attention to recent hints of a possible signal, and claims to the contrary. The many uncertainties affecting this type of search will be discussed, as well as possible routes to eventually resolve these.

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