The Microcluster Culture and Society in the Digital Age organized the international conference “Comic and Social Commitment”


The Microcluster of VLC / CAMPUS “Culture and Society in the Digital Age” with the Department of Spanish Philology at the University of Valencia organizes the International Congress “Comic and Social Commitment”, promoted and coordinated by teachers Luz C. Souto, Javier Lluch Prats and Jose Martinez-Rubio.

As part of the public uses of the past, the comic has come to set up a collective memory device capable of transmitting their own concerns of artists that permeate his work responsibly with the environment look. So, as they have done the literature, painting or cinema, the comic has shown its subversive force to raise questions, to challenge and destabilize. Moreover, some similar events, such as humor, the bullet or recently memes or assemblies internet have the plus of reaching a wider audience, making it suitable support for reflection on certain historical facts, traumatic events or themes social.

In all, this initiative aims to promote the analysis and study of this art, which combines both literature and drawing, offering a new way of looking at and representing the social conflicts of our time.

The presentations were carried out by recognized authors and experts as Antonio Altarriba, Sento Llobell, Adela Cortijo, Viviane Alary, Antonio Martin, Alvaro Pons, Cristina Duran, Miguel A. Giner Bou, Paul Rebaque and Mario Torrecillas,

In addition, the actor Xavi Castillo and artist Lalo Kubala presented his book “Barbaritats Valencianes”.

This event will take place on 18, 19 and 20 November, at the Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication Unviersitat of Valencia.

Seating is limited and requires registration.

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Congreso Internacional CÓMIC Y COMPROMISO SOCIAL

Cómic y Compromiso Social