Call for de Biomedical Research aid for studies 2016 open (within the VLC-BIOMED Program)


The Rector of the University of Valencia together with the Hospital Universitari La Fe i Politècnic – Health Research Institute Faith (HUP / IIS La Fe), within the VLC / CAMPUS program. Valencia, International Campus of Excellence, funded by the Campus of International Excellence program of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, agree to place the relevant call for public support to VLC-Biomed 2015 program, which aims to encourage partnerships in R & D + i between researchers / professionals from the University of Valencia and the Hospital / IIS La Fe.

This year, two lines of support are called:

- Sub-program A: Aid for conducting preparatory activities coordinated projects UV-La Fe, aimed at developing new collaborative preparatory actions in research and innovation, with a maximum funding of € 4,000 per project and a total of 15 projects.

- Sub-program B: Aid for the development of joint innovation projects UV-La Fe, based on some preliminary results or experiences already proven and show potential for transfer to the health system, with a maximum grant of € 15,000 per project and for a total of 4 projects.

The aid may fund in whole or in part, the requested budget and the amount shall be determined in each case in accordance with the evaluation criteria and selection. Proposals must have at least two principal investigators, one UV and one from HUP / IIS La Fe, in addition to a research team, if applicable, and must be signed by each of the principal investigators of each agency.

The deadline for submission of applications will begin on November 10th and end on November 30th, 2015, inclusive.

More information:

- Call Guidelines (pdf). (Release Date November 10th, 2015)

- Application Form Sub-program A (from 10th to 30th November inclusive).

- Application form Sub-program B (from 10th to 30th November inclusive).