Conference: “The body and the onlookers: an episode of edgy subjectivity”, the Microcluster “Culture and Society in the Digital Age”


On Wednesday, December 5 will be the last lecture of the series “Culture and Social Integration” of Microcluster “Culture and Society in the Digital Age.” Conference coordinator will be in charge of the MCI, Dr. Joan Oleza Simó and is entitled “the body and the onlookers: an episode of edgy subjectivity “.

“Some texts of Francisco Ayala underlie a work proposal in which literary knowledge interacts with knowledge of painting or social conditions of the modern world, in a framework of interdisciplinary cultural history. It travels from the portraits of Charles II by Juan Carreño de Miranda to the exaltation of the body vanguard Picasso, Braque and Magritte, Impressionist fascination through the nudes in the bathroom leads to Degas and Renoir. And traveling parallel from the fields and their biblical myths, that of Susanna and the Elders, especially in densely reworked Renaissance painting and Baroque to modern, like the bathroom, now emerging, under the new conditions of the house and the city, as the scene of the triumph of private body in a provocative episode of the new own-in 1929 – subjectivity edgy “.

Be held in the Auditorium of the IVAM, at 12 noon.!/cultura.sociedad.7