Call 2016 VLC/BIOMED Programme under the strategy of scientific improvement of VLC/CAMPUS


The aim of VLC/BIOMED program is to foster collaborative translational research projects and transfer of knowledge in the biomedical area,  between research staff of the University of Valencia and researchers / proffesionals Health Research Institute La FE, in order to get the innovations resulting from the multidisciplinary and inter-institutional biomedical research will benefit patients.

After successful participation last year, generating numerous new collaborations between researchers and clinicians, both organizations have agreed to publish: The Subprogramme A) Aid for conducting preparatory activities coordinated projects, and this year introduced a new Subprogramme B) Aid for the development of joint innovation projects, based on preliminary results or experiences already proven and show potential for transfer to the health system. Both calls will be opened on 10 November. The deadline for receipt of expressions of interest starts on October 20 and ends on November 9, in order to locate a partner in the other institution.

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