Research grants VLC_Bioclínic Program for the realization of innovative collaborative projects


The Universitat de València, in the framework of strategy initiatives for scientific improvement of the VLC/CAMPUS International Campus of Excellence, funded by the Ministry of Education and Science, aims to promote concrete partnerships with the hospital research foundations strongly related to the VLC/CAMPUS field of expertise in health to establish coordinated research activities involving innovative collaborative projects.

Meanwhile, the Research Foundation of the Hospital Clínic Universitari de València – INCLIVA Institute for Health Research mainly aims to encourage, promote, favour and implement teaching, scientific and technical research within the Hospital and its health departments and in the affiliated research groups belonging to the Faculty of Medicine of the Universitat de València and the IVI University Institute.

Both entities, aware that the process of innovation and technology transfer require multidisciplinary collaboration between professionals from different fields, have implemented the VLC_Bioclínic Programme which aims to promote multidisciplinary translational research between researchers and professionals from both institutions.

The period for proposals submission of the call for the carrying out of Cooperative Projects in Translational Research of the VLC-Bioclinic Programme (Sub-programme A), within the framework of the initiative International Campus of Excellence VLC/CAMPUS. It involves aids aimed at the co-financing of joint Translational Research Projects, with a clear innovative orientation and of knowledge transfer, co-directed by IIS INCLIVA and UV researchers. In those projects, the multidisciplinary collaboration among non-biomedical researchers of the field of basic and experimental sciences, life sciences, and human, social and of the energy sciences, and biomedical, scientific and technological researchers will be required.

The aids granted with a charge to this Sub-programme A will be financed by the IIS INCLIVA and by the UV in two different calls published subsequently. The aids may finance, totally or partially, until a maximum of 44.250€, the hiring of two researchers ( a researcher with a biomedical profile and another with a non-biomedical profile) at full time during a maximum of 9 months, who should work jointly in the development of the proposed project.

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